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This page contains a list of links to different resources you could find useful during your studying, for projects, for your novel, or just out of interest. If there are any site you want me to add, click the button and send me a message!


Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin

This website shows fieldwork all over the globe, with descriptions of the work being done, the cost of volunteering for each dig, and other useful information. This is a great place to keep an eye on if you are studying archaeology, as there is some credit-based fieldwork.

Free Anatomy Quizzes

This website has a variety of quizzes focused on human anatomy and physiology. For new learners, they are fun and simple. For biology students, the quizzes aren't terribly in-depth, but they are a great refresher.

The Literature Network

An online database that lists 260 authors with descriptions of their life, and summaries and forums on books and poems written by each author.


Historical Anatomies of the Web

A digital website created for internet users to access high-quality images from anatomical atlases from the National Library of Medicine (in the U.S.A.).


Coming Soon...


Fantasy Name Generators

A fantastic website for writers - this website has accurate and creative generators for fantasy and folklore, real places and locations, pop culture, descriptions, and hundreds more!

Dictionary of Obscure Words

For writers looking for a specific word, or simply if you want to learn new vocabulary, this website has an A-Z list of words I doubt you have heard before.

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